máy hút xi măng trên xà lan


The blower is a system that includes the function of sucking and blowing the material. It is a specialized machine for factories, factories, warehouses, etc. In order to increase transportation productivity. The materials that can be used in the system are cement, fly ash, blast furnace slag, plastic granules, rice, rice, rice husks, etc. These include bulk materials.


Because they are used for many different materials, blowers are divided into many different designs. Meet the standards of each material.

Cement pump suction system
Suction system to pump plastic granules
Agricultural product pump suction system

Capacity – performance:

Capacity from 10-200 tons/hour (depending on different materials will have different capacity).
Pumping height from 5 – 20m
Distance more than 50 – 500m

After-sales policy:

Warranty 12 months
Support replacement and repair with low cost

Contact for a quote:

+84 909 774 600

Tay Do Saigon is a brand with many years of experience in the field of machine manufacturing. In which the main products are vacuum pumps for cement, fly ash, granular materials. Tay Do has been cooperating with domestic and foreign partners. We confidently affirm that the quality as well as the performance will bring satisfaction to our customers.

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