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Cement pump- Designs – Tay Do Saigon

Cement pump (cement suction machine), is a large mechanical machine with a capacity of 50-200 tons/hour. Assembled and fabricated according to design requirements. With structure including: machine base, machine body, suction crane, screw conveyor.

In which machine details are designed in accordance with the needs of use.

The machine is fixedly installed: this is a machine designed to be fixed in place and cannot be moved. Suitable for use at factories or ports with specialized wharves using this design. The base of the machine is fixed.
The machine is installed on barge, ship: this design has the engine base to be fixed on the barge or ship. The difference from the fixed-in-place design is that the barge or vessel can be moved. This type of design is more practical because it is easier to move. Can be used in many locations on rivers and seas.
The machine is installed on a trailer: similar to the above designs, the difference is that this type of design is highly applicable for factories that are not connected to rivers, sea (located inland) or where there is no depth. Suitable for large tonnage ships. Because it is installed on the vehicle, it is easy to move, suitable for maintenance. Move to avoid extreme weather conditions such as rain, storm, hot sun, etc.

Cement suction machine, designed capacity from 50-200 tons/hour. Suitable for all customer requirements. Dedicated maintenance warranty. After-sales, replacement and repair mode to satisfy customers. Tay Do Saigon is committed to providing products of high quality, efficiency, and on schedule. The components that make up the product all meet the requirements of quality and safety testing.

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