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Cement pump suction system rental
Rental service of cement pump pump Tay Do Saigon. This is the service that Tay Do provides to customers, including all labor and technical fees. Costs are agreed according to the contract signed by both parties. With the number of vacuum cleaners that have been and are being supplied by Tay Do in many provinces and cities across the country. Rental systems are mainly used for fly ash, cement, etc.

Tay Do provides a package service: pumping cement, fly ash; silo storage; buy and sell cement, fly ash; buy and sell pumps.

The use of a powder blower in the cement industry is very necessary because in the production process, if not using a blower, it will generate a very large amount of dust, which affects the environment a lot, especially in the environment. directly with the workers in it and then the surrounding households. Especially in the product packaging stage, it is necessary to have a quantitative suction system to feed the bagger to avoid loss of materials, to ensure continuous and accurate materials for the bagger.
With many years of experience in the suction and blowing industry, providing automatic feeding solutions, Tay Do is committed to solving all your problems. In addition, Tay Do provides blowers for granules, agricultural products such as corn, rice, rice, …

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Cement pump suction system rental

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