Cement storage silo, cement silo 40 tons, 80 tons, 100 tons, 200 tons, 500 tons

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Cement storage silo, cement silo 40 tons, 80 tons, 100 tons, 200 tons, 500 tons

Cement silo provided by Tay Do Saigon company, Cement silo is a device capable of storing cement or fly ash in large volume, with little loss and ease of use. Tay Do we supply extremely diverse cement silos. Silo contains 40 tons of cement, 80 tons, 100 tons, 200 tons, 500 tons without being affected by rain and air humidity. The equipment that comes with the silo is a mixer, a cement screw and a cement weighing tank (fly ash).

Cement or fly ash tank silos are commonly used in concrete batching plants and unburnt brick factories.

silo xi măng

Specifications of general cement silo:

Device nameCement storage silo
Silos contain bulk materials,
The silo contains fly ash, liquid…v…v..
Tank capacity storageFrom 30 Tons   –  300 tons
MaterialSteel Q235 ; Steel SS400 : Steel SUS304 ; Steel SUS201
Design pressure steel thickness   and   according to customer requirements.
ColorAnti-rust epoxy paint and color paint according to customer requirements,
Warranty period 12 months
Field of useContains cement, fly ash, rice, other moving materials  …v…v…
SpecificationsAccording to customer’s design.
According to the manufacturer’s design, then submit to the investor for approval.
Supplied accessoriesCement dust filter 9 bags: 01 set
Parker water separator: 01 pcs
Solenoid valve ‘ UW20: 03 pieces
Parker solenoid valve (PHS520S): 01 piece
Pneumatic anti-arching aerator: 03 sets
Handwheel butterfly valve D250
The foundation flange: 04 pieces
Set of foundation bolts M27x600: 16 sets
Auxiliary equipment system: Stairs, guardrail, feed pump pipeline, safety valve.

Advantages :

  • Welds are welded on MIG welding machines to ensure tight and durable by a team of skilled workers
  • The body of the silo ensures even roundness because it is rotated on a specialized cyclone machine.
  • The dust filter system ensures effective dust protection, is designed in stainless steel, friendly to the surrounding environment and people.
  • The cement silo is painted with 3 layers (2 layers of color paint + 1 layer of antirust), the quality assurance process is according to TCVN334-2005 standards with a total paint thickness of 90µm.
  • Space saving
  • Capacity up to 500 m3
  • Reduce labor costs
  • No need to build a repository
  • The cement contained inside is preserved thanks to the drying fan system.

silos for raw materials

Distinguish common cement silos:

Depending on the needs of the plant,  Tay Do we provide extremely diverse samples of silo containing raw materials, you can distinguish and refer to some popular cement silos below:

+ cement silo 40 tons ,60 tons ,100 tons ,150 tons , 200 tons , 500 tons

Storage capacity(m3/ton)46/6062/8083/10090/120113/150145/200
Diameter of silo D(mm)266028303400340034004700
Overall height H1(mm)128731440014876155862200016389
Height of silo feet H2(mm)400040004200420042006594
Height of outlet mouth H3(mm)233122502300230023003534

Above is the information about cement silo that the article would like to introduce to customers. From there, if you want to buy products of all kinds with high quality and cheap price, please contact Tay Do Saigon company or through the company’s website https://taydosaigon.com or contact the hotline for advice .


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