Characteristics of cement silos

silo xi măng

Characteristics of cement silos

Cement storage silo is a tool used to store all kinds of materials in construction. With a capacity of up to hundreds of tons of materials. Cement silo is an indispensable equipment in factories, workshops and construction work today. Let’s learn more about this type of tool through the article below.
Structural features

A cement silo has a structure consisting of:

pressure safety valve,
level indicator,
break dome,
load screw
along with some auxiliary equipment such as stairs, feed pump pipes and guardrails.

Normally, silos have three main types namely tower silo, warehouse silo and cellar silo. In which, silo tower with circular cylindrical shape is commonly used in the preservation of cement.

At the top of the silo tower is a cover made of metal to ensure that rainwater and dirt do not fall inside. The body has a perfect roundness due to being rotated by a specialized cyclone. The bottom is usually shaped like a conical funnel, which makes it easy to control the amount of cement that is discharged out in each pick-up.

Cement silos have a variety of weights and storage volumes. Ensure the different requirements of customers. Commonly used volumetric models are 45 ton, 60 ton and 80 ton silos, ..
The role of the cement silo

Preservation of raw materials

Non-standard silos are made of alloys such as stainless steel, steel, etc. The outside of the silo is covered with 2 layers of color paint and 1 layer of anti-rust paint. Therefore, they have a fairly thick and sturdy shell with high durability, good waterproofing and heat resistance.

This is the reason why construction and production units prefer to use cement silos. In addition, this tool can also ensure that the stored materials are not affected by climate or microorganisms. Inside the silo, there is an automatic drying fan system, so it is possible to completely preserve the stored cement without moisture.

Save cost, space

With a cylindrical structure and a pyramidal bottom, the cement silo has a rather neat design. Especially when compared to conventional warehouses. Therefore, using silos will help investors optimize space and production area as well as save costs for material preservation.

Not only that, with the support system installed inside. Cement storage silo has the ability to automate making the import and export process easier, without using too much manpower. This helps both save labor as well as reduce labor costs.

Environmentally and user-friendly

The cement silo has a dust filter bag inside to help minimize the amount of dust released into the environment. At the same time, the effective dustproof ability also helps protect the health of workers. Especially in the process of transporting cement materials in and out of the silo warehouse.

However, the long-term accumulation of dust can cause the filter bag to deform, affecting the dust filter performance. Therefore, they need to be regularly cleaned and replaced to ensure efficient operation.

Thus, it can be seen that the cement silo is an extremely necessary tool in factories, factories or construction sites. They bring a lot of benefits in the preservation of materials, while ensuring environmental friendliness, user health as well as saving operating costs.

Above are the sharing of Tay Do about the product line of cement silos. We hope that the article has provided you with useful knowledge about this type of product.

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