Coarse grain silo

Silo chứa

Coarse grain silo

Tay Do Coarse grain silo are used as storage and mixing silos. Tay Do SILO’s discharge technique simply creates a blending effect.
Expensive homogenizer silos with high power consumption are not required, as long as there is an efficient pre-mixing system in place.

Offers a wide range of silos, including single and multi-silo systems. Used for a variety of materials. Among them, it is mainly used for granular and powdered preparations such as cement and fly ash.

A silo  (from  Greek σιρός – siros, “Grain cellar”) is a structure for storing unpacked materials. Silos are used in agriculture . To store “grain” (granary) or fermented food, known as silage. Silo is commonly used to store bulk grain, coal, cement, soot, wood, food and sawdust. Three types of silos are widely used today: tower silos, tunnel silos and bag silos.

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