Crane system to pump loose cement

lap dat may hut xi mang

Crane system to pump loose cement

Also known as a cement pump. This is the main product of Tay Do Saigon. With many years of experience in the design and installation of crane systems to pump cement, fly ash, blast furnace slag, etc., Tay Do is always at the forefront of research and development of systems used for the cement industry.

With the current development conditions and scale. Tay Do commits that the products manufactured by Tay Do always ensure quality requirements as well as safety when operating equipment. Products are warranted in accordance with the contract and after-warranty after-sales service such as repair and replacement of equipment at low cost.

Cranes for sucking cement, fly ash, blast furnace slag are being used by large cement factories across the country. It brings high economic efficiency, long-term.

The systems will be consulted and quoted according to the requirements of customers.

The system has an on-demand capacity of 10-200 tons/hour. Suitable for factories with operating capacity from small to large.

Tay Do is very pleased to cooperate with our partners and customers.

Contact information for quotation: 0909 774 600


Crane system to pump loose cement

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