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What is fly ash? Fly ash pump?

Fly ash is an active mineral pozzolan used as an additive for making high-strength concrete. Fly ash is flue gas dust in the form of fine particles obtained from the combustion of coal fuel. In coal-fired power plants, waste is discharged from the combustion chamber through the factory chimney. Fly ash is recovered from the chimney through a refining boiler system to remove unburnt coal (carbon) components.

The composition of fly ash usually contains silicon oxide, aluminum oxide, calcium oxide, iron oxide, magnesium oxide and sulfur oxide, in addition, it may contain trace amounts of unburnt coal. Like other active mineral admixtures for concrete such as silica, fly ash is an artificial pozzolan with the main ingredients creating the pozzolan effect being silicon oxides, aluminum oxides contained in fly ash. The content of unburnt coal in the fly ash must be <6%, if the amount of unburnt in the fly ash is > 6%, there must be a purification measure to remove the unburnt coal from the fly ash. The content of aluminum oxide, silicon oxide and iron oxide in fly ash must be > 70%.


Class F fly ash

Class F fly ash is a by-product from the waste dust of coal combustion (coke). Class F fly ash is fly ash containing less than 7% lime (CaO), in its composition iron oxide, silica glass (silicon oxide), aluminum oxide and sodium silicate (water glass). Class F fly ash is a more suitable fly ash than grade C for high strength concrete. Class F fly ash is used at a reasonable dose, about 10-15% of the amount of cement used, to make concrete mortar, usually for concrete with a strength of about 40-60 Mpa (400-600 kG/cm2  (mark). concrete 400-600)).

Fly ash type C

Class C fly ash usually contains more than 20% lime (CaO). The high lime content reduces the effectiveness of the pozzolanic effect of this fly ash. Class C fly ash is a product from waste dust from the burning of young peat.


To become a source of raw materials used mainly in the construction industry. Surely fly ash must be widely applicable with outstanding properties. Compared with many other raw materials, fly ash possesses many characteristics such as:

-High fineness and high activity.

– Fly ash has very good heat and sound insulation properties.

– When combined to form high-strength concrete. They help us to significantly reduce the amount of cement needed but still ensure the safety criteria set out.

– Has high waterproofing properties, reduces the possibility of water intrusion and has the ability to dot saline intrusion.

  • High elasticity, so it can resist cracking.
  • Low cost, helps to save cost of use.
  • Non-hazardous to the environment, is an environmentally friendly source of raw materials.

Widely used in construction industry.

Fly ash application:

The process of burning coal has a great impact on the surrounding environment. Therefore, the use of the final product of coal combustion. Respected for the purpose of reuse and environmental protection.

Applications of coal ash in life include:

– Concrete manufacturing industry in construction: With the advantages of high activity, fineness and high silicon oxide content. So fly ash has the ability to create high adhesion when combined with other materials. Create high strength concrete products.

– Construction industry of highways and airports: When combined with crushed stone, the cohesion of fly ash increases. Meeting the technical requirements of adhesion, ability to control heat generation or cracking, ….It is this advantage that makes fly ash widely used in the construction industry.

– Making architectural materials: High sound insulation, heat resistance, high crack resistance. Suitable for using fly ash as interior partition material.

– Building materials: Possessing many advantages, fly ash is applied in the production process of building materials. Such as crushed materials, granular materials and fly ash sludge.

– In agriculture: Fly ash increases the water holding capacity of the soil, changes the pH of the soil. Use similar pesticides or fertilizers. To repel pests and increase soil fertility. At the same time, fly ash also contributes to the growth of plants.


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