Fly ash silo of cement plant

Silo chứa

Completing the installation of fly ash silo system at Binh Phuoc cement factory. Tay Do Saigon Company has completed the acceptance test, installed and put into use. Silo storage system 200 Tons Binh Phuoc cement factory.
Due to the complicated development of the Covid 19 epidemic in 2021. From May 2021, Tay Do Saigon is affected by the epidemic and has complied with the decisions and urgent dispatches to blockade the District and City. Faced with that difficult situation, Tay Do Saigon tried to construct and complete the installation and put into use for Binh Phuoc cement plant in 2021.
200 Ton fly ash silo is used as a place to store fly ash, used for cement plants. With superior features, fly ash is stored in a closed manner, unaffected by outside weather. In addition, Silo has a quantitative weighing system and high quality imported components. Create finished products, meet the maximum requirements of customers.
Silo capacity up to 200 Tons, 24/7 continuous operation. Products are guaranteed for 12 months, and the fastest technical support when customers need it.
Tay Do Saigon, quality is an affirmation.

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