Buy and sell fly ash cement
hệ thống máy bơm xi măng Vũng Tàu
Pump suction service, storage silo
silo xi măng
Buy and sell pumps
máy hút xi măng

Tây Đô Sài Gòn


“Tay Do Saigon provides a variety of services including buying and selling of cement, fly ash, pumping services, storage silos, buying and selling pumps. Tay Do Saigon has been cooperating for a long time with domestic and foreign partners in corporations, factories, seaports, etc., bringing the best quality products to customers.”

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    About Us

    With TAYDOSAIGON always accompanying customers
    Years of experience enable us to assist our clients with their projects by developing and implementing customized systems and concepts of the highest quality.
    As an innovative company, TAYDOSAIGON continuously develops its products and ingredients and undergoes continuous quality improvements.


    Tay Do Blower Blower Manufacturing CO., LTD