Manufacturing and manufacturing warehouse silos June – 2022

With the need to upgrade the modern cement and fly ash storage system, in line with the trend. Cement factories are accelerating the process of converting cement and fly ash storage using silo systems.
The capacity of the silo warehouse can be up to 600 tons for 1 warehouse, when installing a system of many silo warehouses, it will greatly improve the storage capacity.
So what’s outstanding about the Silo? The storage silo is a storage for powdered materials such as cement, fly ash, and vertical form, thus limiting the problem of occupying warehouse space. The material is pumped in and discharged quickly, without the need for time and other transportation equipment.
Tay Do Saigon is designing and manufacturing for factories with demand across the country. Currently, in addition to manufacturing warehouse silos, Tay Do Saigon also combines silos and weighing systems, in order to monitor capacity as well as regulate the amount of goods shipped.


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manufacturing warehouse silos

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