Pumping system located on trailers


Pumping system located on trailers

Today is a busy day again, but Tay Do likes to be busy like that!!!

Tay Do Saigon – ‘It’s going to be a good day’!

A system is completed, installed and tested and ready to be handed over to the customer.

This is a pump suction system placed on a trailer.

The system is designed and manufactured according to the requirements of customers.

The pump suction systems have a capacity of 50 – 150 tons/hour.

The design pump height can be up to 50m.

Long pump distance 50 – 500m

Product warranty 12 months, remote control.

Tay Do would like to thank our customers for trusting and accompanying us.

Contact for quotation: +84 909 774 600

Email: dothanhtay@gmail.com


Pumping system located on trailers


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