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máy hút xi măng

Cement pump screw has many components. In which the screw conveyor plays an important role. Is the part that directly contacts and conducts the cement. Cement from the tank, will be pumped through the screw, blown to the tank. Therefore, the quality and durability of the screw conveyor play an important role in the capacity of a pump system.

Designed with researched and tested standards. Make sure it works well. long-lasting and withstand the harshness of the environment such as sun and rain.

The cement pump screws are rigorously tested and fully certified.

Cement pump system has been supplied by Tay Do Saigon to the cement industry. Cooperation with major partners in the industry. Provide a variety of products according to the needs of your business. That affirms the brand reputation of Tay Do Saigon, a supplier of systems and services for suction pumps, storage silos, transportation and trading of cement.

The system has a capacity of 50-200 tons/hour. Designed to suit customer requirements. In addition to cement, Tay Do Saigon also has pumps for fly ash, agricultural products, plastic granules, and other granular products. Tay Do Saigon provides services to all provinces and neighboring countries.

For more information, please contact: 0909.774,600 or email: dothanhtay@gmail.com

Cement pump screw

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