SERVICES OF TAY DO SAI GON- Cement pumps, silo, cement trading

máy hút xi măng

SERVICES OF TAY DO- Tay Do SAI GON would like to send to our valued customers the most respectful greetings. The services Tay Do Saigon provides: Cement pumps, cement trading, silo

Cement pump blower

Pump blower for agricultural products

– Vacuum blower pump fly ash

– Material blower suction machine

– Loading screw

– Bucket load

Silo storage

Transporting materials from ships to tank trucks, ships to silos, etc.

Raw materials such as cement, rice, rice husk, fly ash, cashew shell, powdered products, loose forms, etc.

Contact us, we will advise you on the right product for your requirements with the best cost.

Tel: 0909.774.600


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