Silo 500 Tons for cement – fly ash

silo xi măng

Silo 500 Tons for cement – fly ash

Tay Do provides silo with different capacity:

50 – 100 Tons for light materials like agricultural products
100 – 500 Tons for silos containing cement, fly ash

The system is designed and installed according to high quality standards. Most of the components for measuring are imported from reputable companies in the industry.

The use of silos to store materials is an important factor that makes the current popularity of silos. The silo can hold a very large volume, isolated from the outside environment, avoiding material loss.

The size of the vertical funnel shape at the bottom: this is the shape that helps the silo save surface area, making the most of the storage size. The whole silo is installed measuring equipment according to European standards.

Silo is a necessary product to improve the performance and capacity of cement plants. Silo can be used to upgrade cement plants with old technology.

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Silo 500 Tons for cement – fly ash

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