Welcome to Tay Do Saigon! Cement pumps – Storage silos

Văn phòng

We would like to introduce to our customers Cement pumps – Storage silos of Tay Do company.

The suction blower system uses a vacuum cleaner for cement, rice, rice husks, soybean residues, fly ash, cashew shells, …. Includes raw materials, powdered preparations.

With advanced technology from Europe. With a team of designers and installations with many years of experience and high skills. Trained and trained regularly. We make sure the product we offer meets the best. Satisfied customer requirements.

Current Request – Cement pumps – Storage silos

Currently, it goes hand in hand with the rapid development of technology. It requires people to think, explore and develop applications and methods to save production costs. Increase labor productivity, save time, quickly respond to customer needs for service providers. Mechanization of production activities helps people master time. Improve competitiveness, change the way businesses operate. From using most of the human power in the operation, to using machine power instead. Mechanization brings great benefits to businesses, creating a great breakthrough.

Coming to Tay Do, the company specializes in manufacturing and manufacturing cement suction machines. Customers will be satisfied with the quality of our products. Along with warranty, thoughtful and dedicated maintenance. Bringing the best value, satisfaction and great benefits to our customers is the top priority of our company.

Please contact us for advice on the right product for your needs with the best price.

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