Vacuum blower blow ash flying Tay Do Saigon

hệ thống máy bơm xi măng Vũng Tàu

Vacuum blower blow ash, bulk cement is manufactured by Vacuum Blowing Tay Do. Help solve the urgent problem of transporting fly ash and cement. Other methods of transportation often generate very large amounts of dust. With the powder blower supplied by Tay Do, it will completely solve that problem. Raw materials will only move in closed pipes, can not go out to cause dust. In addition, at the output of raw materials, Tay Do uses dust filter bags to avoid the problem of dust generated.


Vacuum blower loose cement helps save users in terms of economy. Because when using, only 1-2 workers are needed to operate, minimizing human labor. It also helps increase work productivity, with the old method, it took 3-4 hours to transport 5 tons of fly ash. When using Tay Do’s blower, it will only take 1 hour.

The use of powder blowers in the cement industry is essential because in the production process. If you do not use a vacuum cleaner, a large amount of dust will be generated. That cement dust affects a lot to the environment, especially directly to workers. In it and then the surrounding households. Especially in the product packaging stage, it is very necessary to have a quantitative suction system to feed the bagging machine to avoid material loss. Ensure continuous and accurate material bagging for the bagging machine.

With many years of experience in the suction blower industry, providing automatic feeding solutions, Tay Do Blower is committed to solving all your problems. In addition, Tay Do blower provides blowers for granules, agricultural products such as corn, rice, rice, …

The crane blows cement at the port where the cement is pumped from the ship to the tank truck and the silo warehouse.

Tay Do offers many different types of cement blowers. In which the suction blower at the ports, the Ut blows cement from the barge ships onto the tank truck.

The machine can be fixed installed in a dedicated area for cement blowing. Or it can be designed to be placed on a trailer that is convenient for moving from one place to another.

Depending on each specific terrain, specific operations of seaports, river ports and actual wishes of customers. We will advise on suitable product design.

Cement suction system from ships and barges through high pressure blowing system. Transporting cement through the transmission system brings cement to the warehouse, storage truck.

Capacity – characteristics:

Design capacity 5-200 tons/hour, pump distance 50-500m, pump height 5-30m.

Remote control by remote.

12 month warranty.

High performance, low maintenance cost.

Supported by a team of engineers with many years of experience. Bring quality and satisfaction to customers.

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