Why choose Tay Do products?

may hut xi mang tren xa lan

Why choose Tay Do products?

To answer the above question, we would first like to talk about experience. Tay Do Company was established in 2010, since then Tay Do has focused its resources on researching and developing products. The first products of the company must be mentioned are pumps for pumping agricultural products, rice husks, etc. Also from these initial products, Tay Do has gradually accumulated experience in the field of manufacturing pumps. Since then, Tay Do has launched more specialized products for the cement industry. These are the cement pump suction systems, cement silos, etc.

The second factor is a well-trained team. Most of the engineers and workers in Tay Do have certificates and receive regular training. Products are fabricated and installed by a team with many years of experience in the industry.

The third is the trust and cooperation from major partners such as cement factories and ports. Typically, cement companies Ha Tien, Cam Pha, Binh Phuoc, Nghe An, Vung Tau, …

Tay Do is committed to manufacturing products that meet quality standards. And get quick tech support.

Contact for quotation: +84 909 774 600 VND


Why choose Tay Do products?

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