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Manufacturing and manufacturing warehouse silos June – 2022

With the need to upgrade the modern cement and fly ash storage system, in line with the trend. Cement factories are accelerating the process of converting cement and fly ash storage using silo systems.The capacity of the silo warehouse can be up to 600 tons for 1 warehouse, when installing a system of many silo […]

Characteristics of cement silos

silo xi măng

Characteristics of cement silos Cement storage silo is a tool used to store all kinds of materials in construction. With a capacity of up to hundreds of tons of materials. Cement silo is an indispensable equipment in factories, workshops and construction work today. Let’s learn more about this type of tool through the article below.Structural […]

Cement storage silo, cement silo 40 tons, 80 tons, 100 tons, 200 tons, 500 tons

Hệ thống Silo

Cement storage silo, cement silo 40 tons, 80 tons, 100 tons, 200 tons, 500 tons Cement silo provided by Tay Do Saigon company, Cement silo is a device capable of storing cement or fly ash in large volume, with little loss and ease of use. Tay Do we supply extremely diverse cement silos. Silo contains […]

Cement suction machine from ship to tank – silo storage

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Cement suction machine from ship Previously, transporting cement and fly ash from ships to tanks took a lot of time, effort and money. However, nowadays technology is getting more and more modern. Cement blower was born to help maximize those disadvantages for business owners. Just use a remote control worker. It is possible to transport […]

Silo Cement Quotation – 02/2022

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Silo Cement Quotation – 02/2022 Tay Do Saigon specializes in manufacturing silos containing cement, fly ash, slag, grade preparations, agricultural products, etc. Capacity: up to 200 Ton/Silo for cement Products are made according to the wishes of the customer. Contact for quotation: +84 909 774 600 Email: Facebook Silo Cement Quotation – 02/2022 The […]

Silo 500 Tons for cement – fly ash

silo xi măng

Silo 500 Tons for cement – fly ash Tay Do provides silo with different capacity: The system is designed and installed according to high quality standards. Most of the components for measuring are imported from reputable companies in the industry. The use of silos to store materials is an important factor that makes the current […]

Crane system to pump loose cement

lap dat may hut xi mang

Crane system to pump loose cement Also known as a cement pump. This is the main product of Tay Do Saigon. With many years of experience in the design and installation of crane systems to pump cement, fly ash, blast furnace slag, etc., Tay Do is always at the forefront of research and development of […]

Why choose Tay Do products?

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Why choose Tay Do products? To answer the above question, we would first like to talk about experience. Tay Do Company was established in 2010, since then Tay Do has focused its resources on researching and developing products. The first products of the company must be mentioned are pumps for pumping agricultural products, rice husks, […]